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 Incoming! Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments....

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MessageSujet: Incoming! Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments....   Lun 24 Mai - 22:00

Dans la newsletter VO :

The Throne of Skulls is coming: Games Workshop's system for Grand Tournaments promising great games, friendly competition and the chance to enjoy the Games Workshop hobby: over to Jervis Johnson to tell you more.

Our Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments are all about having a great time playing one of your favourite games. Over the years they have proved to be a huge success, and so we are now planning to run more of them, in more places round the world, than ever before. As part of this process we're updating the way we run our tournaments, to make it even easier for players to have the best time possible. Our aim is simply to get people together so they can play games, meet up with their mates and immerse themselves in the hobby for a day or two.

Tournaments are not just about fighting battles; there are lots of other things to do as well. They offer an unrivalled opportunity to make new friends and see some really great armies. You're sure to come away with some new ideas for your own collection, and hints and tips on how to achieve the best effects. There are usually plenty of other activities to take part in too. You'll find that a Throne of Skulls Grand Tournament is a fantastic way to celebrate all aspects of the Games Workshop hobby.

Look out for details of Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments to be held in your area in the pages of White Dwarf magazine and on the Games Workshop website at www.games-workshop.com shortly. We look forward to seeing you at a Throne of Skulls Grand Tournament soon!

- Jervis Johnson

Mais cela ne nous concerne pas vraiment....

Passons à de la vrai newz :

* FFG sort un jeu de carte sur Space Hulk

* GW uniformise les tables de démonstration pour les démos du Games Day UK 2010 (warseer)

* du nouveau sur Fer de lance (Warseer) :

- Night Spinner confirmed as the posts above; ( i.e. copie conforme du prisme échangeant le canon prisme contre une arme G12-72 F6 PA- Lourde 1, jumelée, grand gabarit d'explosion,perforant, pilonnage, toile (terrain dangereux) )

- the sponson weapons on the Russ and the weapons on the Eldar support platforms are said to be interchangeable, not glued but only "clipped on" (don't know the exact english term), so they can be swapped just as needed;

- FOC:
0-2 HQ
0-6 troops
0-3 elites
0-3 fast attack
0-3 heavy support
0+ spearheads, up to the maximum of one per every type: I think they'll be 12 in total, but in the WD they show just one as an example and other 4 in the battle report - some of them make use of super-heavy tanks. Rules for them in website. NOTE: no minimums in FOC;

- Spearheads are special formations, with special rules and an added poins cost on top of the vehicles composing the formation: in the description it is said what types of vehicles can be included in the formation, then you choose them from your codex (e.g. Tank Hunters Spearhead: cost as 4 Grey Hunters + the cost of the vehicles. Can be composed of up to three Tanks or Walkers squadrons. All vehicles benefit from the Tank Hunters USR)
From the battle report: Archeotech Spearhead - all the vehicles' weapons gain +1 strenght and, I presume, the Gets Hot! rule.
Armoured (?) Spearhead - don't know the exact detal, I guess all vehicles receive increased Armour.
? Spearhead: all vehicles gain Infiltration and Stealth.
?? Spearhead: you can "intercept" shoots aimed at one of the vehicles in the formation with another vehicle in the same formation;

- Valid units: Troops (except Swarms), even when embarked; Tanks and Walkers, even if damaged or immobilised; all Spearhead units.

- three types of mission.
Missions are all random lenght (between 5 and 7 turns).
First mission type: wins player with the most Valid units in enemy's half table.
Second: wins who controls more objectives. Objectives are as follows: three placed before the battle, plus every super-heavy vehicle destroyed during the game (they are an objective only for the enemy).
Third: wins who controls more objectives. There are three types of objectives: one vital, placed in one half of the battlefield; three minor ones, placed in the other side; any destroyed super-heavy vehicle, exactly as explained above. The vital one is worth more in VP.
It's always possible to win by completely destroying the enemy army.

- Three types of deployment: players deploy along the short edges, but reserves come from the long edge.
1) deploy zone is a wedge, with only 18" between the "points" of the two wedges. Units with Deep Strike (and every unit embarked) can be left in Reserves, just like half of the remaining units in every player's force. Scouts and Infiltrators allowed. Attacking player choose side and deploy first.
2) deploy zones are 36" apart. Units with Deep Strike (and every unit embarked) can be left in Reserves, just like half of the remaining units in every player's force.Scouts and Infiltrators allowed. Attacking player choose side and deploy first.
3) deploy zones are 18" apart. Attacking player choose side and deploy first. Players deploy one Spearhead or three units non-Spearhead. All other units in Reserve.
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Incoming! Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments....
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